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Glass cleaner have non-ammoniated formula that cuts through soil with no streaks or smears.

Deodorizing products are film free that clean and deodorize in step with fragrance.

Neutural PH formula protects floors while providing germ control.

Bathroom products clean with a broad spectrum germ control and is acid free for organic stain removal.

Multi surface cleaners remove up to 84% of allergens in the dust.

Facts about FMS
  1. FMS has serviced North Louisiana for almost 20 years since 1997.
  2. Employs over 200 employees in North Louisiana
  3. Our floor techs have over 50 years combined experience in the industry.
  4. Our Bane-Clene System is one of the top carpet systems in the country.
  5. We currently service 200 companies on a monthly basis with their Commercial & Floor Care needs.
  6. FMS currently cleans over 1.5 million square foot. 
  7. FMS performs Quality Control Inspections on each account.
  1. We use the Rotobrush System with "Roto Vision"
  2. A sick building can produce sick people. EPA states 97% of Homes/Businesses have Indoor Air Quality Issues.
  3. Dirty Coils and Ducts use as much as 30% more energy than clean ones.
  4. Energy-efficient technologies can reduce energy consumption by 25% oe more.
  5. Do you have any of these symptoms?
        Eye Irritation          Dust build up on vents
         Headaches             Excessive Dust 
         Wheezing               Mold on A/C Register



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