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FMS-IES of North Louisiana provides commercial janitorial cleaning services for professional and medical offices, banks, churches, schools and all types of commercial and industrial properties in Northern Louisiana.


FMS-IES offers Janitorial Cleaning in Northern Louisiana
FMS-IES offers Floor Stripping and Waxing in Northern Louisiana
FMS-IES offers Carpet Cleaning in Northern Louisiana
FMS-IES offers Restroom Cleaning in Northern Louisiana


Professional Janitorial Services offered in North Louisiana

 We proudly serve the cities of Arcadia, Bastrop, Bernice, Bossier City, Calhoun, Choudrant, Columbia, Crowville, Delhi, Farmerville, Grambling, Jonesboro, Lake Providence, Mangham, Minden, Monroe, West Monroe, Oak Grove, Rayville, Simsboro, Shreveport, Sterlington, Tallulah, Winnsboro

Janitorial Cleaning

Every facility in Northern Louisiana needs janitorial cleaning:

  • Visitors will make an initial impression about your operations in just a few seconds - excellent janitorial cleaning ensures the visitor will be impressed by your maturity and professionalism!
  • Employees need a bright, clean and organized environment and janitorial cleaning services helps ensure an efficient workspace.
  • Professional janitorial services also focus on providing a healthy workplace where the spread of germs, illnesses and infection is minimized with systematic cleaning.

Our professional janitorial cleaners are not only trained in the science of cleaning and sterilization but are also trained to be aware of what makes your office, store, church of other facility look good and function well. They understand the aesthetic of 'clean' and they are motivated to keep your facility organized and functioning effectively.

Our customers find that if is more effective and efficient to outsource their commercial janitorial cleaning services. Typically when customers try to bring janitorial service in-house they find that hiring, managing and training becomes a major distraction and the cost in time, hassle and worst of all, deteriorating cleaning standards, hurts their overall bottom line. FMS-IES provides janitorial services with the integrity and confidence you have come to expect from our brand! FMS tries to take care of each and every customer 1 account at a time. We pride ourself on trying to do a great job in each location and follow up with Quality Control Inspections.

FMS-IES offers Floor Stripping and Waxing in Northern Louisiana

Nothing impresses like a beautifully maintained and waxed floor. Regular floor stripping and waxing not only maintains that like-new appearance it also preserves your floors and delays the expense of floor replacement. Not professionally stripping and waxing your hard-surface floors and lead to excessive porosity trapping dirt and bacteria in your floors that will ruin its appearance and breakdown its structure.

Many neglected floors can be restored to near-new beauty by a series of steps of stripping and waxing the floor.

  • First the floor is stripped - stripping removes all the finish and leaves nothing but the bare tile. There is no doubt that stripping is the hardest and dirtiest step in the floor care process. It involves the successive application of chemical strippers and scrubbing using a rotatory stripping brush
  • Second the floor is rinsed before waxing - all chemicals and loose dirt have to be completely removed. Shortcuts taken in properly rinse and preparing the floor will result in an overall poor finish
  • Third the floor is sealed - depending on the surface a specalized sealer may be used or a combination sealer / wax may be applied. 

FMS-IES are specialists in getting the most out of your existing floor and can typically extend the life cycle of your hard-floor surfaces.

FMS-IES can help you establish an affordable and effective hard-surface cleaning, stripping and waxing schedule. We work with you to identify areas that require more frequent floor stripping and waxing and those that can be maintained with cleaning and buffing. We can also spot treat in visitor-oriented ares so your floors will impress everyday of the week. We want your floors to reflect the maturity and efficiency of your organization!

FMS-IES offers Carpet Cleaning and Waxing in Northern Louisiana

Carpets are a big investment in your office or building and regular carpet cleaning protects that investment.

1. Appearance 

The appearance of your carpet might be the most obvious reason for regular carpet cleaning, however that doesn't make it any less important. Professional carpet cleaning removes those spots and stains that you may not be able to remove otherwise.

2. Indoor Air Quality 

Indoor air quality is a major issue today for the many people who suffer from asthma and allergies, but carpet acts as a filter and keeps dirt from recirculating. Regular carpet vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning are a way of cleaning that filter of dust, allergens and other particulates.

3. Investment 

The floor covering you choose is an important investment in your home and professional cleaning helps to protect that investment. Along with regular carpet vacuuming, Professional carpet cleaning keeps carpet from “uglying out,” or having to be replaced before fulfilling its useful life.

4. Warranty 

This is a reason many people might not consider, but many carpet manufacturers’ warranties recommend having your carpet cleaned by a professional. Look over your warranty for the details on how often the carpet should be professionally cleaned.

Whatever your reasons, FMS-IES knows how to keep your carpet clean and looking new. We feel we offer the best and most cost effective solution for cleaning carpets. Our goal is to maintain your facility with the character and integrity you know as the FMS brand.

FMS-IES offers Restroom Cleaning in Northern Louisiana

Clean restrooms are important to your employees, visitors and customers. FMS-IES can help with their clean restroom system that breaks the maintenance into daily, weekly and monthly restroom cleaning procedure. Here is a sample restroom cleaning solution but we can tailor a schedule appropriate to your facility and budget.

Daily Restroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Visually check the appearance of the restroom. Pick up any debris on the floor, around the sink or toilet/urinal areas.
  • Check garbage cans and recycling bins. If they are full or nearly full, remove the trash can liner and replace with a new one.
  • Check soap, toilet paper, and paper towel dispensers to make sure they are properly stocked.

Weekly Restroom Cleaning Procedures

  • Clean and scrub all interior surfaces of toilets/urinals with a toilet bowl cleaner. Wipe down all exterior surfaces, including toilet seats, with a disinfectant. Follow our disinfecting toilet & urinal procedures for complete instructions on how to disinfect these surfaces.
  • Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including door handles, light switches, countertops, partitions and dispensers.
  • Clean all mirrors with a glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints and marks.
  • Use a germicidal/acidic surface cleanser to wipe down the sinks and faucets and handles. 
  • Dust mop, sweep and wet mop the floors, taking care to keep the mops, mop buckets, and solutions used as bathroom only items. Avoid cross-contamination with other areas of the facility at all costs.

Monthly Restroom Cleaning Procedure

  • Dust all out of the way areas, including the tops of doors, shelves, partitions, dispensers, hand dryers and air vents.
  • Replace all metered aerosol deodorizers and air fresheners.
  • Replace the urinal blocks as necessary, if there are urinal cleaning blocks in place, replace these. 
  • Check to make sure all drains are properly draining. If not use a drain cleaner to remove all clogs.

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